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ET ’22

SECO/WARWICK is the first choice supplier of aluminum heat treatment systems at ET ’22.

This technical event facets of the aluminum extrusion industry through its quality programming. The ET Seminar has a reputation for a commitment to excellence that is highly respected by those in the aluminum extrusion industry that’s why SECO/WARWICK is an important player. Be there at booth 707!

Discover 1st choice aluminum systems from SECO/WARWICK Group:


Traveling Homogenizing Furnace

  • Reliable operation and precision load repeatability
  • Innovative drive system promotes positive traction
  • Achieves exceptional load uniformity

Traveling Load Cooler

  • Reliable Mass Flow cooling of loads
  • Innovative load encasing system for high-efficiency performance
  • Completes log heat treat system when paired with the Traveling Homogenizing furnace

Charge Preheating Furnace

  • Reliable moisture elimination from a variety of charge materials
  • Innovative airflow system to maintain heating efficiency with varying load configurations
  • Increases melt furnace efficiency and throughput

Well Melting Furnace

  • Reliable low loss melting of scrap
  • Innovative designs incorporated for thin cross-section materials
  • Coupled with high-efficiency heating systems to maximize energy efficiency

Tilt Holding Furnace

  • Reliable and accurate pour rates achievable
  • Innovative tilt and pour spout connections for safe tapping
  • Continuous pour or batch pour is obtained through control system options

VertiQuench® – Drop Bottom Furnaces for Aluminum Heat Treating and Aging Systems

Vortex® – Aluminum Coil Annealing Furnace using High Convection Vortex® Jet Airflow

Visit our booth 707 and get to know our experts.

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