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Training Seminar Regulations

Regulations for Participation in Training Seminar organised by
dated 09.05.2018

1. General Provisions

1.1. Training Seminar titled “Heat Treatment 4.0”, organised by SECO/WARWICK S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the Seminar), is held in the place and time determined by SECO/WARWICK S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser).

1.2. The Seminar is organised by SECO/WARWICK S.A., with its registered office
in Świebodzin at ul. Sobieskiego 8, 66-200 Świebodzin.

1.3. The provisions hereof form an integral part of the Declaration of Enrolment
on the Seminar and shall apply to all Participants.

1.4. The Seminar is participated by experts in the industry sector and heat treatment of metals, and other persons professionally related to the subject of the Seminar.

1.5. The Seminar will include scientific and teaching sessions as well as an exhibition participated by companies from the industry and metal heat treatment sectors.

1.6. The official website of the Seminar is available on


2. Participation in the Seminar

2.1. The terms and conditions of participation in the Seminar are as follows:

2.1.1. Enrolment on the Seminar by completing and signing the notification form, available on the Seminar website or received from the Organiser by e-mail or post, and sending the form to the Organiser’s correspondence address, to +48 68 3821 631 or to its e-mail address ( in the term specified by the Organiser.

2.1.2. Acceptance of these Training Seminar Regulations and a written consent for the processing of personal data.

2.1.3. Paying the fee in the amount and term specified by the Organiser. The payment shall be deemed made when it is credited to the Organiser’s bank account.

2.1.4. Confirmation of participation in the Seminar by the Organiser.

2.2. Payment for the Seminar shall be made according to the information provided, to the bank account specified by the Organiser. Payment information is available on the Seminar website, at

2.3. The Organiser shall issue a VAT invoice for the amount paid.

2.4. By enrolling on the Seminar, the Participant shall not acquire the right to participate therein.

2.5. Engaged Participant shall be a participant who makes his/her own presentation on a given topic and thus takes an active part in the scientific and teaching session, and has been classified as such and appropriately notified by the Organiser. An Engaged Participant is not required to enrol through the notification form.

2.6. Ordinary Participant shall be a person who passively participates in the scientific and teaching session, i.e. does not make any presentation, and who enrolled on the Seminar in the term specified by the Organiser, through the notification form available on the Seminar website or received from the Organiser, by e-mail or post sent to the Organiser’s correspondence address, by fax or to one of the e-mails, and who has paid an appropriate fee for the Seminar, and whose participation has been confirmed by the Organiser.

2.7. The Organiser’s confirmation of participation in the Seminar shall be a condition precedent for the Ordinary Participant referred to in section 2.6 to take part in the Seminar. The Organiser shall confirm the participation within 7 days from the deadline to enrol on the Seminar. If the Organiser does not confirm the participation in the Seminar in the said term, it shall be deemed that the declarant has not been qualified for the Seminar. Within 14 days from the deadline to enrol on the Seminar, the Organiser shall reimburse the amounts paid by the persons not qualified for the Seminar.

2.8. The Organiser shall have exclusive right to confirm or reject participation in the Seminar and may refuse to confirm such participation without providing reasons.

2.9. Each Participant shall be given a certificate of participation in the Seminar.

2.10. Payment for participation shall also constitute payment for stay (including accommodation), meals, participation in the scientific and teaching session and the Open Day. Costs of transport shall be covered by the Participant.

2.11. Notification forms shall be sent until 31 August 2018, unless the limit of participants is reached earlier. The Organiser shall announce that the limit of participants has been reached on


3. Resignation from the Seminar

3.1. A Participant may resign from the Seminar. To resign from the Seminar, the Participant should provide the Organiser with a declaration of will to resign from the Seminar. Such declaration shall be served on the Organiser in writing (or by e-mail sent to the Organiser’s e-mail address:

3.2. In the event the Participant resigns from the Seminar:

3.2.1. When the Organiser receives the Participant’s resignation declaration until the 30th calendar day prior to the start of the Seminar, the Organiser shall reimburse the Participant for the enrolment fee, if paid.

3.2.2. If the Organiser receives the Participant’s resignation declaration between the 20th and 10th calendar day prior to the start of the Seminar, the Organiser may retain a half of the amount paid.

3.2.3. If the Organiser receives the Participant’s resignation declaration 10 calendar days prior to the start of the Seminar, the Organiser may retain the entire amount paid.


4. Fees

4.1. The amounts of fees for the Seminar are available on

4.2. Payer (recipient of the invoice) shall be the entity ordering specific services related to
participation in the Seminar.

4.3. Failure to pay the fee for the Seminar within the term specified by the Organiser on the Seminar website shall authorise the Organiser to cancel the enrolment without any liability for damage.


5. Complaints

5.1. Any complaints of Participants to the Organiser should be filed in writing, by a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, sent to the Organiser’s address.

5.2. Complaints of Participants may be filed in writing no later than 3 days after the Seminar was concluded.

5.3. After the aforesaid date, complaints shall not be considered.


6. Supervision over the Seminar

6.1. The Seminar titled “Heat Treatment 4.0” shall be supervised by the Management Board of SECO/WARWICK S.A.

6.2. As part of the supervision referred to in subclause 6.1., the Management Board shall in particular:

6.2.1. Ensure appropriate organisation of the Seminar.

6.2.2. Ensure appropriate organisation of scientific and teaching sessions and company presentations carried out as part of the Seminar.

6.2.3. Make the assessment referred to in § 2, subclause 2.6.

6.3. Safety, hotel services and their quality as well as food and beverages during the Seminar shall be ensured by the hotel hosting the Seminar. The Organiser shall not hold any liability in this respect.


7. Final Provisions

7.1. In the event the Seminar is not held due to reasons attributable only to the Organiser, the Organiser shall forthwith reimburse the fees paid by the Participants to specified bank accounts.

7.2. In the event the Seminar is not held due to reasons not attributable to the Organiser (force majeure such as a flood, hurricane, snowstorm, etc.), the Participant shall not be entitled to compensation or to be reimbursed for any fees paid for the Seminar or any costs of ancillary services ordered to the Organiser by the Participants.

7.3. Any disputes which may arise from participation in the Seminar shall be settled by the court competent for the registered seat of the Organiser.

7.4. To all matters not settled herein provisions of the Polish Civil Code shall apply.

7.5. Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Polish Journal of Laws No. 133 dated 29 October 1997, item 833), the Organiser may not transfer, sell or lend any personal data of the Participants to third parties without the Participant’s consent. Personal data provided by the Participant shall be regarded as confidential information and may only be used for communication carried out between the Participant and the Organiser. The Participant may at any time request the Organiser to erase or amend the personal data provided to the Organiser. The Organiser hereby informs that the said consent and provision of the Participants’ personal data are necessary to perform the Contract. The conference shall be closed to the public and shall not be a mass event as defined by the Act of 23 March 2009 on safety of mass events (Polish Journal of Laws of 2009, No. 62, item 504).

7.6. The Organiser shall not be liable for the Participants’ belongings which may be lost, damaged or stolen during the Seminar.

7.7. Participants shall hold full personal and financial liability for any damage they cause in the premises of any activities carried out in relation to the Seminar as well as in the places of accommodation. The Participant shall redress for any damage he/she has caused, directly to the owner of the damaged property or to the Organiser if the Organiser previously paid the Aggrieved Party for the damage.

Each Participant shall also settle liabilities for the goods and services which he/she used in the facility being a venue for the Seminar, which goods and services are not expressly listed by the Organiser in the training cost specification (such as, without limitation: the costs of additional meals, beverages, the use of drinks cabinets located in hotel rooms, or spa and wellness services).       

7.8. The Participant shall adhere to the ban on recording the teaching classes with any audiovisual devices (such as tape recorders, MP3 players, telephones or cameras) without prior written consent of the instructor and Organiser. 

7.9. Training materials which the Participant will receive at the training session shall only serve for training purposes and may not be disseminated to third parties, in particular for commercial or selling purposes. 

7.10. These Regulations shall enter into force on the date they are posted on

7.11. The Organiser may amend these Regulations. Such amendments shall enter into force
7 days after they are posted on