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Science supports the individual solutions

Extensive research and metallographic tests

The Research and Development Department of SECO/WARWICK realizes its own and unique research, full metallographic tests, develops received or purchased technology, and together with product departments creates modern solutions for thermoprocessing of metals.

R&D seeks new solutions, analyses the structural and technological problems or optimization of costs and implements the newest achievements of science and technology. All of it is aimed for the realization of individual orders and making sure even before the production if they are up to the customer’s and market’s requirements.

SECO/WARWICK is ranked among the most innovative companies of the heavy industry. Its strong position is confirmed by many awards and an increasing number of patents. The competition juries appreciate versatile activity of the company and the research and development projects already realized in cooperation with the best technical universities, as well as developing the innovative line for production of graphene. It has also been noticed that our company, as one of the first in the world, uses the augmented reality technology under our own name – SECO/LENS®.



R&D Director Łukasz Piechowicz

We define technologies

The customers’ needs mark out new development paths – our R&D projects, laboratories, global science crew work on solutions which are the most efficient in supporting our partners. We select or create new technologies, perform the computer simulations and tests, and offer the product matched to the customers’ needs.



metallographic laboratory

Our own metallographic laboratory allows for the realization of advanced tests


SECO/LAB®are the quick and professional technological tests, and their conclusions help in development and optimization of processes, which is indispensable if we want to win with use of advanced technology, not the price.


Graphene application

The unique properties of graphene are known in theory since the fifties of the 20th century. However, the practical breakthrough in works on that two-dimensional structure consisting of carbon atoms took place as late as in the 21st century. Its properties are the object of interest of the numerous industry branches. Graphene has good heat and electricity conductivity, may store the renewable energy, and has the potential to replace the silicon. Unfortunately its production was quite expensive.

There are two basic directions to follow. The first one is continuous improvement of manufacturing technology by the structural improvements and optimization of the process itself (obtaining of graphene of better properties while increasing the manufacturing efficiency, adapted to the market needs). Another one is the development of graphene-based technologies. Even now it is possible to try to use the obtained graphene for general sensorics, especially for ultra-sensitive positioning sensors, based on Hall phenomena (so-called Hall generators). Moreover, graphene manufactured with the use of SECO/WARWICK devices may be in a few years used in industrial scale in electronic, power generation, photovoltaic, and plastic industries.


SECO LENS glasses

It is a new era of work with SECO/WARWICK devices – the interaction era. Implementation of the virtual technologies into our production process, operation of solutions, or servicing of SECO/WARWICK devices is already a fact.

 It is hard to call SECO/LENS the glasses, although worn on the head, as this magical band is a series of sensors, display, and data processor in one. SECO/LENS may, among other things, put the previously prepared 3D model of the device onto its actual image.


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