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12 Aug
14 Aug
Aug 12-14, 2020

PM China 2020

In Shanghai, SECO / WARWICK & Retech as a Group will present powder production equipment. Advanced Retech technologies for melting, refining and casting reactive and refractory metals (such as titanium and titanium alloys), superalloys and…
15 Sep
17 Sep
Sep 15-17, 2020

14th International Specialized Exhibition Heat Treatment

During the Heat Treatment 2020 exposition, SECO/WARWICK will showcase its top solution for metal heat treatment. In the booth 007, we will present, including but not limited to: UCM® 4D Quench® – this vacuum system…
23 Sep
23 Sep
Sep 23-23, 2020

Heat Treatment Congress Spain 2020

In September the SECO/WARWICK experts will visit Spain with their flagship vacuum heat treatment products. SECO/WARWICK’s experience in creating those solutions reaches back to the 1970s, when vacuum technologies in heat treatment began to appear…
04 Oct
07 Oct
Oct 04-07, 2020

Euro PM2020

In the booth No 44 at the Euro PM2020 in Portugal in the second half of the year the SECO/WARWICK representatives will focus on presenting vacuum system technologies for the powder metallurgy industry, such as…
06 Oct
08 Oct
Oct 06-08, 2020

Aluminium 2020

The ALUMINIUM Trade Fair organised in Düsseldorf is one of the most important expert meetings in the field of aluminium heat treatment worldwide. Aluminium heat treatment and controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) are two of the…
20 Oct
22 Oct
Oct 20-22, 2020

Heat Treatment Congress (HK) 2020

In Cologne, Germany, SECO/WARWICK will showcase the most popular solution in the German market. We won’t forget about the premiere of the last-year HK, i.e.: UCM® 4D Quench® – vacuum system intended for single-piece nitrogen…
03 Nov
05 Nov
Nov 03-05, 2020

AAPEX 2020

APPEX/NARSA 2020 is an important event where SECO/WARWICK will feature batch and continuous controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) systems, including the Universal Batch CAB system. For decades SECO/WARWICK has been playing a key role in the…
30 Nov
02 Dec
Nov 30-Dec 02, 2020

European Conference on Heat Treatment 2020

SECO/WARWICK experts will attend the European Conference of Heat Treatment 2020 (ECHT 2020) held in Antwerp.  This process engineers’ congress will be dedicated primarily to carburizing, which is one of SECO/WARWICK’s areas of expertise, and…
03 May
05 May
May 03-05, 2021

Titanium Europe 2021

Dublin and Titanum Europe 2021 is an opportunity to meet specialists of SECO/WARWICK Group and its 4 vacuum metallurgy technologies: – Plasma Arc Melting System (PAM) – uses an electrically excited gas, usually helium or…
04 May
06 May
May 04-06, 2021

The 11th International Congress Aluminium Brazing

The Aluminium Brazing Congress in Düsseldorf is an important meeting of specialists from the aluminium soldering industry, where you can meet experts from SECO/WARWICK. For several decades, SECO/WARWICK has been the world leader in aluminium…

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