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TYPE  VTR-5050/48F


Horizontal retort furnace for vacuum tempering. The pumping system, power supply, and cooling systems are appropriately sized to accommodate a broad spectrum of industrial heat treatment applications, encompassing tempering, degassing, annealing, and solution heat treatment. A hot gas recirculation fan ensures rapid and uniform temperature elevation, streamlining the tempering process within an automatically sequenced cycle. The cooling gas recirculation system incorporates an external blower to enhance both the uniformity and pace of charge cooling during quenching.

General information:

/ Manufacturer: SECO/WARWICK,
/ Year of production: 2005,
/ Localization: Southern Italy,
/ The furnace is operational: testing on site possibility,
/We offer the furnace technical assessment, relocation and installation at the destination place in E.U.




Second hand horizontal tempering furnace
Second hand horizontal tempering furnace

Technical data


Basic data

Useful dimensions (W x H x L) 900 x 800 x 1200 mm
Maximum hearth load 1200 kg
Maximum temperature 750°C
Temperature uniformity (empty furnace after equalising) ± 5°C
Maximum operating pressure 1o50 mbar
Purging vacuum range 10-2 mbar
Maximum leak rate (clean, cold and empty furnace) 1 x 10-3 mbar x l/s
Total weight ca. 7000 kg
Vacuum chamber  
* structure mild steel
* thermal insulation ceramic insulating fiber blankets
* heating elements Kanthal A1
Heating power 160kW
Heating zones one
Heating element distribution all around workload
Type of heating elements heating coils
Door closure third clamping flange operated by linear actuator
Material 1.4864
Retort volume 4,0 m3
Pumping system  
Rotary piston pump 290 m3/h
* motor rating 5.5 kW
* type SV 300 Leybold
Root’s pump 310 m3/h
* type VWC KAESR
* motor power 1,5 kW
Turbo cooling system Type DP-1
Blower motor rating 15 kW
Thermocouples Type K
Pressure transmitter Endress & Hauser
Temperature controller/programmer built-in PLC
Over-temperature controller UDC 100L Honeywell
Vacuum transmitter TTR — 211S Leybold-Vacuum
* measuring range 1 x 10-3  to 103 mbar
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) /Operators interface IPC B&R, PPC900


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