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Vacuum furnace type 12.0 VVPT-EH-32/48N is designed for vacuum heat treatment of heat repaired gas turbine combustion liners, transition pieces, buckets, nozzles and other high temperature alloy parts as per the customer requirements:

/ hardening,
/ tempering,
/ annealing,
/ vacuum brazing,
/ LPC.

General information:

/ Manufacturer: SECO/WARWICK,
/ Year of production: 2004,
/ Localization: Southern Italy,
/ The furnace is operational: testing on site possibility,
/We offer the furnace technical assessment, relocation and installation at the destination place in E.U.




Vertical Vacuum Furnace COOLING PRESSURE 12 BAR
Vertical Vacuum Furnace COOLING PRESSURE 12 BAR
Vertical Vacuum Furnace COOLING PRESSURE 12 BAR

Technical data


Basic data

Useful dimensions (Æ x H) 800 x 1200 mm
Maximum hearth load 800 kg
Maximum temperature 1350°C
* working temperature — vacuum heating 600 — 1320°C
* working temperature — convection heating 150 — 750°C
Temperature uniformity (empty furnace after equalising) ± 5°C
Maximum cooling gas pressure 12 bar absolute
Maximum gas pressure during convection heating max.4bar absolute
Ultimate vacuum (clean, cold and empty furnace) < 5 x 10-2 tor
Maximum leak rate (clean, cold and empty furnace) 1 x 10-3 mbar x l/s
Total weight ca. 12000 kg
Vacuum chamber  
Material mild steel
Volume 6,5m3
Cover locking third clamping flange
Hot zone  
* structure mild steel
* thermal insulation hard graphite felt boards & graphite foam
* heating elements graphite
Heating power 180kW (3 x 60  kW)
Heating zones three: one on side walls furnace
Heating element distribution all around workload
Type of heating elements low-voltage heating bands and tubes
Convection heating fan 2 kW; 1500 rpm
Gas cooling system  
Gas inflow nozzle system — all around load
and from the furnace bottom  
Hot gas outflow bung in top
Gas blower:  
* motor 3000/1500 rpm; 110/37 kW  S2=200Kw
Pumping system  
Rotary piston pump 600 m3/h (340cfm) * type
* motor power 5.5 kW
Root’s pump 2000 m3/h
* type WCV1200 KAESR
* motor power 4 kW
Vacuum valve KWW DN100
Heating elements power control Continuous
Thermocouples Type S (1off control + 1 off safety)
  Type K(2 off isothermal quench)
Programmable logic controller Siemens S7-315
Operator panel Siemens 477D
Temperature controller/programmer in PLC
Over-temperature controller UDC 100L Honeywell
Vacuum transmitter TTR 216S Leybold-Vacuum
* measuring range 1 x 10-3 — 1 x 103 mbar
Partial pressure control range 10-2 to 1 mbar


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