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Hardening 4.0: An Evolution in Quenching Explained

As industry evolves into the digital age through Industry 4.0, heat treating is experiencing an evolution of its own. More complex part geometries, increased hardness requirements, more restrictive quality control, and the ever-present concern for the cost is pushing quenching technology into previously uncharted territory.

SECO/WARWICK’s specialist Don Morteeny invites you to webinar «Hardening 4.0: An Evolution in Quenching Explained»

Let’s meet online June, 4th at 7.00 — 8.00 PM CEST

During this webinar you will learn about:

— basic principles of ferrous metal hardening,

— the important role of the integral quench furnace in the evolution of quenching technology,

— cost savings and process improvements with combining vacuum heating and atmosphere quenching,

— unique advantages of single piece flow.

Join us!

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