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Pit Furnace Symposium 2022

At this year’s Lohmann’s conference on pit furnaces, a SECO/WARWICK specialist will present the latest solution of low pressure carburizing in a pit furnace opened at process temperature.

Low Pressure Carburizing is a widely known and increasingly used technology in modern industrial thermochemical treatment.  More and more companies are successfully using it as a modern alternative to traditional atmospheric carburizing.

During the lecture, the potential of using low-pressure carburizing in a vertical vacuum furnace, opened at process temperature, will be presented. Process and technical issues will also be discussed, as well as benchmarking in terms of production efficiency and operational economics.

The revolutionary solution presented by SECO/WARWICK is a complete replacement for traditional pit furnaces with atmospheric carburizing. It guarantees the carburized layer quality which has not yet been available in such solutions until now, as well as an increase in productivity, reduction in process time and costs and a short return on investment.

If you want to discover this technology, you must see the lecture!
„Economic and efficient low pressure carburizing in pit furnaces.”
/ Date: May 5th, 9:55 am
/ Speaker: Grzegorz Głuchowski

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