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Canadian heat treater Exactatherm purchases CaseMaster vacuum furnace


Vacuum furnace should be in place in the third quarter of 2013.

CaseMaster vacuum furnace for Exactatherm

Meadville, Pennsylvania–SECO/WARWICK Corp. has received an order for a CaseMaster Evolution® D12 vacuum furnace for a Canadian heat treatment company. The contract was signed recently and SECO/WARWICK Corp. will provide the equipment for Exactatherm at its Mississauga, Canada facility. SECO/WARWICK officials said they will have the furnace in place in the third quarter of 2013.

The CaseMaster Evolution®  vacuum furnace is a two-chamber furnace with oil and 2-bar gas quenching. The furnace comprises a heating chamber and quench chamber with a gas quench above an oil tank. This furnace design allows for significant increases in flexibility and productivity.

About Exactatherm

Exactatherm Limited is committed to maintaining its position as a market leader and world class provider of heat treatment and advanced surface technologies. The company does this by being consistently at the forefront of maintaining and setting quality standards for these advanced processes and ensuring that we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by implementing ISO 9001:2008,AS 9100-REV C and NADCAP. Exactatherm has a long experience with Vacuum Oil Quench having installed their first one in 1978. The new furnace will extend Exactatherm’s capacity considerably in the aerospace, energy and defense sectors. Visit


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