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Industrial Furnaces Maintenance and Safety

The two-day course intended to train personnel in the area of ​​thermal processing in the prevention and management events, failures, and safety in industrial metallurgical furnaces. Technical professionals from renowned companies goods or services address on the first day safety, electrical systems and sensing installed in industrial furnaces: operating safety, protective atmospheres and process (types of gases, control probes, dew point, flowmeters etc.), electric power systems (contactors, relays, thyristor etc.), instrumentation for measurement and control of temperature (thermocouples, indicators, controllers, registradore, etc.), infrared sensors.
Will also be discussed the different mechanisms mechanical and thermal insulation installed in ovens: housing (cooling, external exchangers, painting, etc.), heating (electric — heating elements, radiant tube burners.), Mechanical drive (food / internal transport / unloading , fans, doors, elevators etc.), thermal insulation (fiber, insulation, refractory, concrete, cement etc.).

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