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The Aviation industry chooses SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnaces


Polish plants belonging to a global manufacturer of aircraft parts have once again chosen SECO/WARWICK. This partner ordered a single-chamber Vector® vacuum furnace to replace a 30-year-old unit previously operating in the plant.

Vector vacuum furnace

The previous furnace, also of the SECO/WARWICK brand, will retire well and be replaced by a new, economical, and versatile furnace for brazing jet engine parts.

Long-distance business relationships

SECO/WARWICK has been a recognized metal heat treatment equipment manufacturer for decades. The fact that quality has always been a key differentiator for SECO/WARWICK is proven by the fact that in many plants, units were manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s. The partners are gradually replacing these units with modern solutions, continuing to be loyal to the SECO/WARWICK brand.

“The aviation industry is a very important partner that has been cooperating with SECO/WARWICK for decades. This is the proof of satisfaction with the products we create, but also an expression of trust. Long-term, strategic, good relationships are key. Our furnaces are designed to operate without failure for many, many years, as evidenced by the replacement of this furnace after so many years,” said Maciej Korecki, Vice-President of the Vacuum Furnaces Segment, SECO/WARWICK Group.

A vacuum furnace tailored to aviation industry

The solution on order is based on a standard Vector vacuum furnace with a working space of 900x900x1200 mm, with screen insulation and metal heating elements. It has been adapted to industry specific needs. The solution can heat treat jet engine components, such as complex gears or main shafts.

 “This unit is distinguished by the ability to carry out efficient and clean high vacuum processes thanks to the use of a molybdenum heating chamber and a very efficient pumping system. This ensures very high purity and the dynamics required for brazing processes. Another big advantage is the very good temperature uniformity in the molybdenum heating chamber and compliance with the strict requirements of industry standards such as AMS-2750,” said Jędrzej Malinowski, Sales Manager, SECO/WARWICK Group.

What does aviation need?

This is another furnace purchased by a manufacturer of complex components for jet engines from high-tech areas. This proves the good recommendations and trust that SECO/WARWICK has in this narrow and important industry branch. The aviation industry is faced with extreme pressure to produce products of the highest quality and reliability, as it operates in extremely difficult conditions—safety and failure-free operation are of great importance to human life.


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