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11th Heat Treatment — 2017 Термообработка

The exhibition is a specialized event aimed at specialists from companies-consumers of the production of this industry. The visitors of the exhibition are heads and specialists of the enterprises of metallurgy industry, oil and gas sector, aviation and space, defense, science-research, transport and gas engine sphere and from other industrial enterprises and educational establishments.

Meet our experts to talk about our well-established and innovative solutions, including:

  • UniCaseMaster® — precision case hardening for high volume manufactures. Spare your time, save your money when carburizing within state of the art furnace.
  • ZeroFlow® — with ZeroFlow®, we remove the mystery of gas nitriding and save you up to 50-90% in process gas, a savings that goes straight to your bottom line.
  • CaseMaster Evolution® — a new generation of sealed quench solutions. For a wide range of LPC applications for various industries such as aerospace, automotive, machine-building, bearings, and commercial heat treating.
  • VertiQuench® — solution heat treatment furnaces & integrated SHT + ageing system. Optimal heat treatment technology for aluminum alloy extruded and drawn porthole or seamless tubes of 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx alloys series in hard tempers, providing the shortest quenching time and allowing to obtain the highest mechanical properties of treated extrusions.
  • Vector™ — versatile & efficient vacuum solution. For a wide range of heat treatment processes, technologies and applications.
  • Vortex® — Jet Heating – reduces your cycle time by talking advantage of the high heat transfer produced through convection heating. The perfect solution for coil annealing.
  • Professional Technical Services that enables customers to stay at the top of the today’s rapidly changing business environment. Service today is not only 24/7 emergency support, spare parts and repair. It is also a support of any client with whatever heat treatment technology in the world.

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