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LPC technology for the aviation industry


An Asian aircraft parts manufacturer has chosen a horizontal vacuum furnace from SECO/WARWICK intended for vacuum carburizing aircraft parts.

vacuum furnace intended for vacuum carburizing aircraft parts.

The furnace will produce gears used in aircraft structural sub-assemblies. The furnace is designed for low-pressure carburizing (LPC), equipped with a horizontal chamber with dimensions of 900x600x600 mm (l/w/h). The solution has a graphite chamber with a gas hardening system at a pressure of 6 bar.  

LPC technology is an increasingly popular solution. Its main advantage is the ability to carry out an efficient and effective carburizing cycle in a much shorter time than in atmospheric furnaces. This furnace ensures higher productivity and consequently, lower process costs and a quick return on investment. Carrying out the process in vacuum, on the other hand, increases the operational safety, because it does not involve explosive and flammable gases. LPC eliminates direct CO₂ emissions from the carburizing atmosphere,” said Maciej Korecki, Vice-President of the SECO/WARWICK Group Vacuum Segment.  

“This order is extremely important for us because we were confronted with strong competition. SECO/WARWICK is successively strengthening its position on the Chinese market, offering not only high-class equipment for metal heat treatment, but also service, which is very highly rated by our customers,” added Liu Yedong, Managing Director of SECO/WARWICK China. 

This is SECO/WARWICK’s first cooperation with this manufacturer. 

The aviation market in China

Aircraft manufacturers say that over the next two decades, emerging economies will generate more than half of all air traffic growth. Growing urbanization and the global middle class doubling to 5 billion people will also be factors driving world air travel. It is estimated that in 2031, four world markets will dominate in terms of internal connections — the USA, China, Western Europe, and India. In 20 years, China’s domestic passenger traffic will surpass U.S. passenger traffic and be the largest in the world. During this period, China will need over 8.5 thousand new commercial aircraft, which constitutes approximately 20 percent of all worldwide deliveries of new machines during this period. Economic growth and a dynamic increase in demand for air travel, especially within the country, will help expand the aircraft fleet of all Chinese air carriers.  

“We really feel a revival in the aviation industry and an increased demand for our solutions. We have provided solutions to aircraft component production plants on all continents. Our extensive experience is the result of the above-average quality of our vacuum furnaces. The furnaces perform well in even the most demanding industries. SECO/WARWICK solutions produce parts for most top passenger, commercial and military aircraft,” summed up Sławomir Woźniak, CEO of the SECO/WARWICK Group.


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