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The FIMMEPE MECANICA NORDESTE is the most important fair for manufacturing equipment and machinery in the emerging Northeast of Brasil.


Fimmepe Mechanical Northeast joins various Metal-Mechanic and Electronics industry segments operating in the region. 

— Automation and Process Control, Measurement and Applied Software
— Tools and Devices
— Welding and Surface Treatment
— Machine Tools
— Diverse Machines, Equipment and Accessories
— Machines and Equipment for Plastic and Rubber
— Motors, Couplings, Reducers and Gears
— Equipment for Air Conditioning and Cooling
— Valves, Pumps, Compressors, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
— Warehousing Equipment
— Furnaces, Hothouses, Boilers and Thermal Treatment
— Organizations, Associations, Banks and Technical Magazines


Fimmepe Mechanical Northeast attracts the participation of qualified visitors from various industry segments. These are professionals and decision makers who are looking for new solutions and suppliers at the event.

— Buyers
— Designers
— Engineers
— Factories
— Industry professionals and technicians
— Sellers
— Supervisors

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Heat Treatment Seminar by SECO/WARWICK

Heat Treatment Seminar by SECO/WARWICK

Heat Treatment Seminar by SECO/WARWICK