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EICF- 29th International Conference & Exhibition

Meet SECO/WARWICK & RETECH, the most fully integrated furnace manufacturer in the world,  at the EICF – 29th International Conference & Exhibition in Portugal, where the latest trends and innovations in the technological evolution and supply capabilities associated to the investment casting industry will be revealed.

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At SECO/WARWICK and RETECH we actively work with customers to develop equipment and process solutions, including upstream elements, like VIM alloy master casters, as well as downstream components. Further, our research & development team is uniquely positioned to add value through alloy & application development.

Visit us to learn more about unique and innovative metal heat treatment technologies and solutions, which have been successfully launched to the global metal heat treatment market:

CWI Cold Wall Induction (CWI) systems are ideally suited for special alloys, like Titanium, utilized in high value, critical aerospace applications.  


VIM Precision Investment Casting furnaces are able to handle a wide range of materials and produce everything from the simplest equiax (EQ) patterns to directionally solidified (DS) and single-crystal (SC) parts, while providing consistent, high-yields and low operating costs.
CONSUMABLE CASTING The focus is to optimize the overall productivity & efficiency of each system based on our customer’s individual needs.
Toll Melting Whether you are already at capacity on your equipment, don’t want to contaminate your current system, or have a demand that isn’t large enough to justify a new installation, Retech can help through our expertise and equipment combined with our ISO 9001 commitment to quality.


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