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Southwest Summit — New Trends in Heat Treatment

SECO/WARWICK’s Southwest Summit is  a 1-1/2 day event to present the latest trends in both Vacuum and Atmosphere heat treating equipment.  The program will cover a broad range of best practices, trending topics and the latest technology to optimize efficiencies in a lean manufacturing environment. Included on Thursday evening is a dinner meeting with a keynote by Richard D. Sisson Jr., Director of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Program Highlights:

  • "New trends and requirements for heat treat in the Americas" — Dan Herring, The Heat Treat Doctor®
  • "Current practices in furnace fixturing types and alloys" — Rolled Alloys
  • "Benefits of carbon composite fixtures in vacuum applications" — Schunk Graphite
  • "Industrial experiences with controlled nitriding and nitrocarburisinz using a ZeroFlow method" — Professor Leszek Maldzinski
  • "PreNit LPC expands the applications for LPC by utilizing higher carburizing temperatures" — Professor Piotr Kula
  • "Fighting wear, corrosion, scratch and fatigue on stainless steel and titanium alloys" — Expanite
  • "Advances in oil & gas quenching in vacuum" — SECO/WARWICK
  • "The challenges and opportunities of bringing your new furnace installation online" — Therm-Tech of Waukesha Wisconsin
  • "How to work effectively with your bulk atmospheres supplier" — Praxair
  • "Getting the best performance from your atmosphere generator" — SECO/WARWICK
  • "HMI control systems using smartphones and tablets" — SECO/WARWICK
  • "Sensor technology used in heat treating" — Super Systems
  • Furnace Maintenance Tips: Atmosphere — SECO/WARWICK
  • Furnace Maintenance Tips: Vacuum — SECO/WARWICK
  • "AMS2750E is not just a regulatory standard-practical ways of using AMS2750E to benefit your business" — Eurotherm

Registration:  $450/person. Reserve your place now as enrollment is limited.  Call Beth Ryan at 814-332-8575 or email  The registration fee includes all meals and summit proceedings;  lodging and travel are not included.  Payment can be made by Visa, American Express or company check.

Location:  Marriot Courtyard,  San Antonio Riverwalk; 207 N. St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio TX  78205.  Reserve your room directly by contacting The  Travel Experience, 800-728-1053 or email and mention "SECO/WARWICK Group Summit" for our special event room rate of $139.00/night.

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