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Brazilian Heat Treatment Seminar 2021

Meet SECO/WARWICK’s specialists online!

Brazilian VII Seminar on Maintenance and Safety of Industrial Furnaces will take place on 21 – 22.09.2021. Every day during this online event, SECO/WARWICK’s experts will have the opportunity to meet you.

  • Łukasz Chwiałkowski from the Vacuum Business Segment presents A Few Tips To Improve Your Vacuum Furnace Lifetime and How To Perform Remote Diagnosis In An Optimal Way
  • This is a meeting with Łukasz Chwiałkowski, who will answer the question MY FURNACE FAILED – ITS TEMPERATURE SP not correct ?
  •  Łukasz Chwiałkowski will talk about LEAK CHECKING in vacuum furnace. How to do it correctly?
  •  SECO/WARWICK’s specialist Radosław Ladra will tell about A Second Life for Your Aluminium Heat Treatment Equipment Thanks to SECO/ECO Aluminium Process Team Retrofits

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