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Melting & Holding Furnaces for Aluminum

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Melting & Holding Furnaces for Aluminum

Superior Performance By Design


Melting and holding equipment available for our customers from North and South America. The SECO/WARWICK Brand is Synonymous with Quality and Performance which the Aluminum Industry around the world can depend on. The design elements and unique features that go into the SECO/WARWICK Line of Melting and Holding Furnaces are tried and proven as the roots of our history run deep.  When you choose SECO/WARWICK as your aluminum furnace supplier, the furnace system is engineered to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Our design engineers have years of experienced in aluminum melting and holding applications. Whether your requirements involve preheating charge material, melting solids such as Sows, T-bar, Ingot, Clean and Dirty Scrap, or holding metal for cleaning and alloying.   SECO/WARWICK has the furnace you need to melt, hold and deliver at the rate your casting process requires.

SECO/WARWICK furnaces come in many types, shapes and sizes with melt rate and capacities to meet your specific requirement and provide many years of efficient and dependable service. Our engineering staff works closely with your plant engineering, production, and maintenance staff from start to finish to ensure optimum performance for the furnace system and integration with upstream and downstream plant operations.

/ Furnace design
SECO/WARWICK delivers complete solutions. We offer superior construction, advanced control systems, combustion system options, hi-performance refractory linings, and turn-key installation service to help you obtain more from your casting process.

/ Steel Construction
SECO/WARWICK furnaces feature heavier steel construction, reinforced with structural members at critical stress points around the furnace. Localized high stress areas such as door openings, tap and drain plugs, and openings into external wells receive additional analysis and subsequent reinforcement.

/ Controls
SECO/WARWICK incorporates the latest PLC based control hardware and software providing optimal furnace system control.  Combustion fuel to air ratios and combustion input are optimized to achieve targeted metal set points and provide highly efficient results.  SCADA and Ethernet communication capabilities allow interface communication with casting stations and other up and downstream processes. Remote communication capabilities allow display of furnace system alarms, set points and fuel usage from your remote PC or smart phone. These remote capabilities afford you the knowledge required to keep your process on track.

/ Combustion Systems
SECO/WARWICK works with all burner manufacturers to determine and select the burners best suited for your specific application, balancing your need for performance vs. budget.
Burner placement and input is analyzed to provide maximum melt target coverage, ensuring fast and efficient melting. Burner specifics such as flame length, shape, and velocity are considered to maximize melting performance without compromising metal quality.
The cost of improper burner assessment and placement can lead to direct flame impingement and excessive bath surface agitation, causing high metal loss. Over-sized heat input into the furnace chamber can dramatically reduce the service life of the valuable furnace lining.

/ Refractory Lining
SECO/WARWICK understands that your process and operating parameters require a furnace refractory lining and materials specifically designed to suit your operation. The factors taken into consideration include composition of your alloy, the aluminum freeze plane, spall resistance, metal attack resistance, and abrasion resistance in severe duty areas, and your charging, fluxing and cleaning routine.
New energy saving refractory materials such as calcium silicate board, which is a non-wetting board with superior insulating properties, are constantly being evaluated and utilized to provide efficient and economical furnace lining designs. Materials such as this become a cost effective back up material in the value calculation.

/ Cost vs. Performance
SECO/WARWICK offers a wide range of options to maximize performance within your budget. Preheated combustion air systems, preheating chambers for solids, metal recirculation pumps, and stirrers are just some of the efficiency improvements that can be included to reach a balance between your budget and performance requirements.

Some of our recent installations in the USA include:

/ A 142,000# capacity single well melter with Lo Nox burners designed for melting extrusion scrap at an average rate of 12,000 pounds per hour. The furnace features include a SS window for a future electromagnetic sidewall stirrer. A discharge pump well for a molten metal transfer pump to automate metal transfer to the customers billet caster.

/ A 260,000# capacity single well melter with one pair of Bloom Twin burner head regenerative burners designed for melting shredded scrap in the well at a rate at a rate of 24,000 pounds per hour.
The furnace also has an extended sill capable of melting 6,000 pounds an hour of sows’ Giving the furnace an overall melt rate of 30,000 pounds per hour at an efficiency of 1150 to 1100 btu/# melted.
The furnace exceeded melting expectations and efficiency when the well is evenly loaded in a consistent manner!
Some other features of this 260,000# well melter include an under-hearth cooling system and an air-cooled hot wall.
The well of the furnace is divided into a charge section with a divider wall where a Metaullics J50 pump provides exceptional circulation of hot metal, pulling hot metal from the main heating chamber and pushing it through the shredded scrap loaded in the scrap charge section of the well.

/ A 45,000# capacity batch melting furnace with one pair of Bloom regenerative burners designed for melting in house  return scrap placed on the hearth. The furnace melts at a rate of 10,000 pounds per hour at an efficiency of 1100 btu/# melted or less.
This furnace was purchased as part of a Lithium Aluminum expansion project.
The furnace met and exceeded all performance guarantees for melt rate and efficiency.

/ Nonferrous melting

/ Extrusion scrap melting

/ Shredded scrap melting

/ Return scrap melting

/ Holding

Primary and Secondary Aluminum
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