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Events in the heartland (Brazilian-German Chamber)

The members of the Brazilian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Sao Paulo) and of the VDI-Brasil (German Association of Engineers) are invited to join this event in the heartland of the Province of Sao Paulo. The program "Events in the Heartland Sao Paulo" highlights this time


20150514 Eventos no Interior

The furnace manufacturer ENGEFOR has been acquired at 100% by the Polish-American SECO/WARWICK Group 2013, who strategically completed its network of furnace manufacturing sites in the industrial regions of the world. The Group headquarter is located in Swiebodzin, Poland, only 70 km from the German-Polish boarder. Today about 950 employees worldwide and 55 employees in Brazil design, manufacture and sell industrial furnaces, processes, auxiliaries, services and spare parts at SECO/WARWICK with a mix of local and transferred technologies at cutting edge technology.

The company joined the Brazilian-German Chamber because many of the members are already customers of SECO/WARWICK do Brasil and the industrial companies with German origin are one of the biggest customer groups of SECO/WARWICK worldwide. The short program mutual program of the Brasilian German-Chamber of Commerce (AHK Sao Paulo), the German Association of Engineers Brasil (VDI-Brasil) and SECO/WARWICK do Brasil covers:

8:30 h – reception

9:00 Opening
Bruno Vath Zarpellon – Director of the Department of Innovation and Technology, Brazilian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Sao Paulo)
Matthias Neiser – Executive Director of the German Association of Engineers – Brazil (VDI-Brasil)
Thomas Kreuzaler – General Director of SECO/WARWICK do Brasil

9:45 "The risk of inmvestment in Brazil and different models from the economic viewpoint"
Thomas Kreuzaler – General Director of SECO/WARWICK do Brasil

10:30 h Coffee Break

10:45 "History of SECO/WARWICK and the predecessor ENGEFOR in Brazil"
and "New tecnologies in Brazil: ZEROFLOW controlled nitriding and PreNit low pressure cabrurising"
Aparicio V. Freitas, Diretor Comercial of SECO/WARWICK do Brasil

12:00 Visit of Production and Facilities

12:30 Lunch and Farewell

 We would like to welcome you!






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