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Heat Treating Shanghai 2018

The International Exhibition on Heat Treatment, Shanghai is the largest international heat treatment exhibition in China that is endorsed by the Chinese central government. This Expo influential and the most respected show in China for heat treatment and manufacturing industries. The purpose is to master the focus of international heat treatment development,present the most advanced technical process locally and abroad,set up an ideal platform for the colleagues exchange relevant information for the betterment of heat treatment industry and give a deep insight on their business strategies and critical market challenges. Meanwhile,It will also offer practical solutions for all emerging challenges which are being faced by the industry to meet the requirement of new era and economy.

SECO/WARWICK’s will take state-of- art products representing on this Expo. With strong scientific foundation and a practical application of technology, the equipment is designed to play a key role in manufacturing as high-tech equipment that operates automatically with minimal operator intervention. As a technological leader—SECO/WARWICK will providing innovative heat processing solutions that will enable customers to achieve the effective and efficiency in there production “advanced manufacturing” edge.

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