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Mystery of Brazing

What do aircraft engines, jewelry, heat exchangers and medical tools have in common?

They are made of metal alloys, but also, they are brazed.

Many products that we use every day are brazed at the production stage and we are not always aware of it.

If you want to uncover some of the mysteries of brazing, feel free to join our webinar!


What is going to happen during the webinar?

– perhaps we will not braze anything online


– we will speak about tricks and skills related to brazing in practice

○ design of brazing parts vs quality

○ cleaning and surface preparation

○ importance of heating (heat transfer and temperature uniformity)


Our webinar guest will be:

  • Adam GAIK from Danfoss


The meeting will be hosted by Adam Adamek from SECO/WARWICK.

Wednesday, June 24th at 3:00 P.M. CEST.


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