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Aluminum Furnace Seminar

The North American Aluminum Group will present a two day seminar to present basic, practical information on industrial furnaces for aluminum in the focus areas of heat treatment, melting and holding . By reviewing the basics, attendees get a better understanding of applications, design, equipment operation and maintenance.

Program Topics

  • Heating rate and air flow
  • Fuel facts and combustion (presentation & shop demonstration)
  • Furnace insulation
  • Fan wheels and bearings
  • Log Homogenizing
  • Ingot heating
  • Coil Annealing
  • Process controls and demonstration
  • Solution heat treat furnaces
  • Reverb refractories
  • Aluminum melting furnace design
  • Aluminum tilting/holding furnaces

For more information contact Beth Ryan at +1-814-332-8575 or email

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