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Corporate social responsibility

Activity in the CSR area was described in the form of a global plan of initiatives presenting the vision of SECO/WARWICK’s activities in the area of the Group’s (current and future) social responsibility.  We would like it to become an independent action, in line with the Group’s mission and vision, because we know that the company’s business and social objectives should complement each other. 
The adopted CSR activities closely match the company’s values and have been included in three program areas, which combine and permeate in our activities, creating a strong and coherent strategy of social activities. 


Care for the environment and the planet means responsibility for our actions affecting the natural environment now as well as their effects in the future. It is our duty to the planet and generations. So we plant trees, clean forests and care for environmentally friendly production as well as pro-ecological solutions and products which we offer. SECO is ECO, it not only rhymes well, it fits together perfectly!


Investing in the future, in the next generations can be implemented in different ways. We focus on the education of children and youth. Through activities directly related to our solutions and products, educating future specialists, with the hope that they will become part of SECO/FAMILY.


We focus our social care activities by taking care of the local community as well as employees and their families. Together with our partners we carry out activities improving living and health conditions, support local initiatives for safety or strengthening interpersonal relations.
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