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Thermal Heat Treatment Furnace Systems

Atmosphere Heat Treatment

In the production of atmosphere heat treatment solutions, we use our extended experience and state-of-the-art technology to simplify installations, reduce investment costs, and reduce process utilities consumption.

Technologies: ZeroFlow® nitriding, carbonitriding, carburizing, hardening, tempering, annealing, preheating, soldering, ferritie nitro carburizing, preheat before forging, preheat before zolling, preheat before formine.

Industries: aerospace, automotive, bars, bearings, commercial heat treatment, defense, electrical steels, energy, extrusion dies, machinery, saw & blades, springs, steel coils, titanium, transmition & gears, tube & pipes

Products: CaseMaster, ZeroFlowPit Furnace, Roller Hearth, Rotary Retort

Unique features: environmentally friendly machines, extended experience in the production of various furnace systems, technological equipment prepared according to customer specifications, we are responsible for technology, logistics, installation, service and training of users – operators.

Operating conditions: in an atmosphere of air, inert gases (nitrogen, argon, hydrogen), active atmospheres for carburizing, nitriding and other active diffusion atmospheres, in high temperature systems up to 1300°C, low vacuum in retort furnaces up to 10-2 mbar.

Application: our solutions are used in a variety of heat treatment processes, eg: normalization, relaxation, annealing, spheroidization, austenitization, tempering, solution heat treatment.

Portfolio: single- and multi-chamber furnaces, furnaces: deep, blister, ribbon, roller, bell, atmospheric generators: endothermic (Endogas ™) and exothermic (Exogas ™), atmosphere control and regulating devices.


Product materials

 CaseMaster Furnaces

Multipurpose Sealed Quench Chamber Furnaces

 Endothermic Generators

Surface protection for hardening, brazing, sintering & gas carburizing

 Endothermic Generators – insert

 Nitriding Furnaces w/Zero Flow Technology

Horizontal and vertical retort nitriding furnaces

 Pit Furnaces

Typical Applications-automotive, aircraft, machine/tool, mining, bearings, marine components

 Rotary Hearth Furnaces

Typical applications – forging, automotive, aircraft, machine/tool products

 Vacuum Purge Retort Tempering Furnaces

Shorter cycles, increased production output and precise process control

 White Paper – Exothermic Generators

Atmosphere for annealing, brazing normalizing, drawing & tempering

 White Paper – Gas Nitriding Furnaces

Gas Nitriding, Ferritic NitroCarburizing & ZeroFlow® Process Control System

 White Paper – Mesh Belt Conveyor

Heat treatment equipment for copper & silver brazing

 White Paper – Roller Hearth Furnace Systems

SECO/WARWICK roller hearth furnaces are designed to continuously heat treat a wide variety of products economically with uniform, repeatable results.

 White Paper – Rotary Retort Furnace Systems

Heat treatment equipment for small parts-screws, nuts, bolts, nails, washers and coins

 Zero Flow Nitriding Technology

New method of controlled gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing