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SECO/WARWICK’s solutions for heat treatment of metals

At SECO/WARWICK, we approach each project individually – a client often looks for a solution that requires cooperation between different segments. We get to know the client’s needs, and together with experienced experts, we choose the best technology.

Industries: solutions for the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, or defense industries. In a nutshell, for every industry. Specialists from SECO/WARWICK work together to find the right solutions for your company.

Unique features: energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment, access to new solutions and technologies defined by us, modern data control and analysis systems, and professional and professional services available in every part of the world.

Technologies: delivering the best results; as our partner, you have access to knowledge, experience, technology, and specialists in engineering and science, who are looking for other solutions.

Scope: standard and dedicated solutions, delivery of equipment with technology and associated devices, assembly and startup, service support, technical and technological training, tests and research in industrial and laboratory conditions, analyses, and simulations.

SECO/WARWICK solutions also include fire resistance tests furnaces, vacuum equipment, heat treatment equipment, chambers for precision tests, thermal processing systems, production lines for heating car windshields and their formation, and an individual solution prepared for your company, allowing you to gain an advantage over the competition.

Heat Treatment Furnaces Vacuum Metallurgy

Vacuum Metallurgy

Vacuum Metallurgy (VIM, VAR, PAM, EB, PPE) for refractory metals, super-alloys and rare earth metals – casting, melting, refining, atomizing


Automation services and control systemsy sterowania

Automation Services

You will find Industry 4.0 concepts and technologies incorporated into the automation systems of devices bearing the SECO/WARWICK logo.


ZeroFlow gas nitriding system

Latest technologies

UCM® ,4D Quench®, Super IQ, Vector 3D, Vortex®JetCaster – check SECO/WARWICK techologies and find out what they mean


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