Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnaces

Solution Heat Treatment, Artificial Aging, Annealing, Homogenizing, Ingot/Log/Sow Preheating, Aluminium Melting & Holding

Thermal Heat Treatment Furnace Systems

Box, Bell, Car, Pit, Sealed Quench, Rotary Hearth, Rotary Retort, Roller Hearth, Pusher, Cast Link Conveyor, Mesh Belt, Walking Beam, Walking Hearth

Technologies and equipment for vacuum heat treatment

Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing, High Speed Vacuum Carburizing, High Pressure Gas Quench, Oil Quench, High Vacuum, Custom Engineered

Vacuum Metallurgy

Vacuum Metallurgy (VIM, VAR, PAM, EB, PPE) for refractory metals, super-alloys and rare earth metals – casting, melting, refining, atomizing

Professional technical services

Maintenance, Retrofit, Modernization, Relocation, Technical Upgrades, Contract Manufacturing