TI EXPO 2017

TIEXPO 2017 will be grandly opened on September 21 at China International Exhibition Center and attract hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world. It’s expected to attract tens of thousands of professional audience. Exhibits included the entire china from Titanium ore mining, smelting, rolling processing, recycling and reusing to development and production of application products, in-depth displayed global titanium industrial equipment and the latest technological achievements. Professional visitor promotion will focus on inviting excellent purchasing teams at home and abroad. Aim to make concerted efforts to build the world's leading internationalized industrial cluster highlands of modernized titanium and rare metal through matching sellers and buyers before exhibition, forums of titanium market and products application, theme promotion of high quality titanium enterprises, release conference of refined titanium products, new equipment displaying and so on, and contribute more “wise” titanium element for the industry of national strategy and Made in China.