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Continuous Brazing Furnaces for Aluminum

Our continuous CAB furnaces use a variable speed drive and a stainless-steel mesh belt to move products. The controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB) process heats a product to brazing temperatures while maintaining uniform temperatures within the product in an oxygen-free nitrogen atmosphere.

CAB Furnaces Designs:

The following furnace designs are available to produce a variety of parts in larger volume production runs:

A radiation braze CAB furnace is ideal for brazing similar-size products in a continuous flow environment.  This furnace uses a heated muffle to braze the product with high overall efficiency. Our design includes proportionally controlled electric heating or natural-gas-fired combustion. Temperatures are controlled uniformly throughout the length of the furnace by several independently heated zones. These units have a low investment cost and are very efficient with nitrogen atmosphere consumption and require less maintenance compared to the other CAB methods.

Combination convection preheating and radiation brazing furnace systems improve the furnace’s flexibility to run product of different mass and dimension in the same cycle. This type of system is more forgiving when running production intermittently. The initial heat zone uses both convection and radiation heat for uniform preheating. Then in the radiation brazing section the product is brought up to and held at a final uniform temperature to allow the clad materials to melt and form a joint. These units have a medium investment cost and they provide faster processing in a smaller footprint.

A pure convection heat-controlled atmosphere furnace provides processing of the widest variety of products in the shortest cycle time.  Convection heat transfer is used to bring the entire part to brazing temperature and maintain temperature uniformity at ± 3 degrees C. using a recirculated nitrogen atmosphere.

A convection system is more compact than other types of units with similar production volume. These furnace systems are popular in the automotive industry due to their ability of intermixing various size products and small footprint. In the heavy duty and off-road auto industries it is the most efficient for brazing large heat exchangers. Finally, convection systems show great promise in emerging applications.


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