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The SECO/MELT R&D Center is where we perform advanced casting in EQ, DS and SC technology for external entities, institutions, universities and commercial customers. Tests, trials and commercial processes are carried out at this location in SECO/WARWICK furnaces.

SECO/MELT - R&D Vacuum Induction Melting Center



Our R&D center is equipped with a melting furnace with induction heating for vacuum metallurgy. The capacity of the crucible is 20 kg. This solution / furnace enables users to experience the benefits of Equiax (EQ) castings, as well as  Directional Solidification (DS) technology and Single Crystal Casting (SC) using the Bridgman method. We help companies that are starting their adventure with vacuum metallurgy, and those needing confirmation of the possibility of using the selected technology for specific details.

We have the equipment, many years of experience and highly qualified staff – advantages that allow participaticipants to take an active role in the development and testing of a specific technology before purchasing a furnace. Customers have  the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the furnace and understand the operation.

At the customer’s request, we can perform processes on test molds, and our specialists from Seco/Lab will evaluate the castings obtained in terms of the desired structure!

SECO/MELT - R&D Vacuum Induction Melting Center
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