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SECO/LABTECH – calibration laboratory


Professional calibration of equipment used in thermal equipment and more.


The SECOWARWICK calibration laboratory (SECO/LABTECH) determines the measurement accuracy of a given physical quantity or quantity indicated by a measuring instrument.

SECO/LABTECH deals with the calibration of thermoelectric sensors, recorders, and thermal instruments in the field of temperature uniformity and temperature measurement tracks.

Information about accuracy is necessary to meet applicable standards, including: AMS2750 (AEROSPACE) or CQI9 (AUTOMOTIVE) which companies must meet when delivering their solutions. 


The calibration laboratory was launched to support not only the parent company SECO/WARWICK, but also local companies and other companies in need of professional support to confirm the  accuracy of instrument readings and measurement sensors in relation to the International System of Units (SI).

SECO/LABTECH specializes specifically in the area of instrumentation used in metal heat treatment furnace calibration. As part of its mission, it also calibrates thermal solutions themselves at operating temperatures by preparing temperature uniformity tests.

In order to carry out our activities, we cooperate closely with Polish laboratory units, exchanging our experiences and verifying the correctness of readings for the standard units used in comparisons

SECO/LABTECH – calibration laboratory
SECO/LABTECH – calibration laboratory


/ Fast execution of Calibration orders.
/ Professionally equipped modern.
/ Technical support for companies planning instrument calibration.
/ Services meeting AMS2750 and CQI9 standards.
/ Low CMC measurement uncertainties.
/ Calibration of entire measurement chains.
/ Calibration using instruments from renowned companies such as FLUKE/ CARBOLITE/ KEISIGHT/ MEATEST/ TESTO.
/ Quality guarantee thanks to the implementation of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-02 standard.
/ Ensuring the individual process instrument
/ Minimizing errors caused by process deviations.

What type of calibration can be ordered at the Calibration Laboratory?

laboratory equipment allows for the calibration of:

  • TC thermocouples and PRT resistance sensors.
  • Recorders used for temperature distribution.
  • Instruments for performing TUS and SAT tests in accordance with the AMS2750 standard.

The above mentioned types of calibration will be performed with the following CMC (calibration and measurement capability) values at K = 2 (approximately 95% expansion probability):

1. Thermoelectric sensors made of precious and base metals (in-store):

  • (50-1064)*C – 0,6*C
  • (1064-1200)*C- 1*C
  • (1200-1300)*C-1,1*C
  • (1300-1400)*C- 1.4*C

NOTE: Comparison method in accordance with ASTM E220, which complies with the AMS2750 standard. 

2. Resistance thermometer sensors (in-store):

  • (50-200)*C – 0,1*C
  • (200-600)*C – 0,2*C


3. TUS (Temperature Uniformity Surveys) (externally):

  • (50-1300)*C – 1,5*C

NOTE: AMS2750G method. 


4. SAT (System Accuracy Test) (external):

  • (50-1300)*C – 1,5*C

NOTE: AMS2750G method. 


5. Temperature recorder calibration.

  • type J, L, K, T, E, N, C, A (0-1300)*C – 0,2*C
  • type S/R (0-100)*C – 0,8*C
  • type S/R (100-1750)*C – 0,4*C
  • type B (400-500)*C – 0,8*C
  • type B (500-800)*C – 0,6*C
  • type B (800-1800)*C – 0,4*C

Why is it worth using the Calibration Laboratory services?

There have been cases requiring the urgent distribution of thermocouples, or a thermocouple which has been damaged, rendering it out of calibration. This required its re-calibration. Customers often say that there are situations when the entire production line stops due to mechanical damage to the sensor.

In such situations, quick intervention is needed. Such challenges are to be met by, among other solutions, SECO/LABTECH.

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