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SECO/COMPONENTS – heat treatment furnace components


Production of specialized components used in metalworking furnaces.


Manufactures reliable measuring components used in heat treatment furnaces. Monitoring their consumption and reliability allows SECO/WARWICK to become a partner in continuous improvement in cooperation with customers. It is possible to sign framework agreements with customers to plan the replacement and calibration of measuring equipment, which will reduce the frequency of emergency situations caused by component failure.


Production of advanced components used in heat treatment furnaces, in particular highly advanced instrumentation such as specially made thermoelectric sensors, oxygen probes, lambda probe cabinets and others, which make it possible to meet growing market requirements. Thanks to the correct operation and continuous control of the reliability of manufactured parts, we can continuously monitor the dependability of delivered solutions.

As a company which uses manufactured components, we have knowledge of the needs related to their development, providing the following advantages:

/ Option to sign a contract for the periodic replacement of components.
/ Components with the highest reliability.
/ High quality thanks to the implementation of the ISO 9001 standard.
/ Ensuring products high quality thanks to the sub-supplier’s verification.

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