Your browser does not support JavaScript! Unit for spheroidization of bearing rings A/SP-1200 - SECO/WARWICK

Unit for spheroidization of bearing rings A/SP-1200

General information:

/ Atmospheric annealing furnace
/ Manufacturer: SECO/WARWICK
/ Year of production 2014
/ Location – Central Poland
/ The furnace is operational: testing on site possibility

We offer the furnace technical assessment, relocation and installation at the destination place in E.U.


The A/SP-1200 unit is intended for spheroidization annealing of forgings made of ŁH15 and ŁH15SG bearing steel. The processes are carried out in a protective atmosphere. Each furnace in the line is electrically connected and controlled automatically during the followoing stage of heat treatment and transfer on transport units.

Technical data:

The unit’s nominal capacity: 1,200 kg/h when loading 615 kg of net load into one basket, cycle time: 30 min 45 sec.

Range of rings used:

– with automatic loading

– with manual loading


– external diameter from 30 mm to 130 mm;

– external diameter above 130 mm

The basket’s overall dimensions: width x length x height 1230 x 1230 x 300 mm
Supply voltage 3×400/230V; 50 Hz
Control voltage 230V; 50 Hz
Max. operating temperature (zone 1 and 2) 825°С
Heating elements’ power:  

– zone 1

– zone 2

– zone 3

– zone 4

– zone 5

– zone 6

– zone 7

– zone 8

– zone 9

Total power of heating elements:











Total installed power  1065kW
Natural gas demand (protective atmosphere) [p=20-100mbar] ~4  Nm3/h

Nitrogen requirement

protective atmosphere [p=20-100 mbar]

emergency nitrogen (purging) [p=20-100 mbar]


~90  Nm3/h

minimum reserve 450 Nm3

Natural gas demand [p=50-80mbar]  
Water demand [p=0.3-0.5MPa] ~55 m3/h

Compressed air demand

[p=0,5-0,8 MPa]

~13 m3/ h
Extraction ducts ~2200 m3/h, Tmax  = 120⁰
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