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What is a furnace chain and a pair of furnace chains?

Furnace chains are high temperature resistant chains to transport a load, a fixture, a basket or a part in a furnace. Often these furnace chains are used in batch type furnaces (BT), in-out-furnaces (IO), batch integral quench furnaces (BIQ), Through-Quench furnaces (TQ), Return Through Quench furnaces (RTQ), casemaster furnaces (CM), Sealed Quench Batch furnace (SQ B and SQ ) where a pair of endless furnace chains right and left with dogs take a load from position A to position B in the furnace. Often the material mix of the chain is important, as a part of the chain remains in the hot furnace area, while the other one remains in the cold part. Naturally the cold part should do the job and pull the load from one to the other position.
SECO/WARWICK supplies furnace chains and service for S/W’s CaseMaster furnaces and many other manufacturer’s furnaces. Our experience helps you to select the correct furnace chain for your type of furnace

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