Your browser does not support JavaScript! Processes for the surface hardening EXPANITE and SUPEREXPANITE

What is Expanite? Surface Hardening of Stainless Steel

What is an EXPANITE ® process?

EXPANITE® as well as SUPEREXPANITE® are patented processes for the surface hardening of stainless steel to achieve superior surface and material properties, such as high hardness, extraordinary corrosion and fatigue properties.

SECO/WARWICK in partnership with Expanite® can supply customers with the latest technology in the field of stainless steel surface hardening. Parts heat treated with the Expanite® process withstood 400 hours in saltspray and achieved surface hardness up to 1800 HV02, with a case depth up to 40µm. Expanite® greatly improves corrosion and pitting resistance of the parts, and due to precise process control methodology, material properties can be perfectly tailored in accordance with the requirements. The greatest advantage of the installation is that the heat treatment process is fully controlled and supervised directly from Expanite control center which ensures perfect, repeatable results every time.

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