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What is a vacuum furnace?

The most important facts about a vacuum furnace

Vacuum furnaces are used in many applications in all industries.  A vacuum is one of the methods to protect heated steel and metal parts from the negative influence of an air atmosphere. A vacuum furnace is normally an electrically heated furnace in which a vacuum is maintained during the process. Most vacuum furnace are heated by electric resistance elements made from graphite, ceramics or metals.

Gas heated vacuum furnaces by SECO/WARWICK

SECO/WARWICK can supply gas heated vacuum furnaces. A gas heated vacuum furnace is not direct heated by open burners, but indirectly as a vacuum retort furnace or a vacuum furnace with vacuum-tight radiation burner tubes.

The vacuum in the furnace is maintained by vacuum pumps. Depending on the application, a  single or combination of mechanical and booster, diffusion and turbo-molecular pumps are used.

vacuum furnace

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