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Most valuable meeting for aluminium heat treatment

The ALUMINIUM Exhibition organized in Düsseldorf is one of the most important meetings for professionals in the aluminium heat treatment around the world.

Get to know how our solutions can help you

Save the date and attend the ALUMINIUM 2018 Exhibition in Düsseldorf for the aluminium industry. Learn how SECO/WARWICK may help your business flourish.

With our long-standing experience in the aluminium industry, we will find a solution suitable for your production needs and will propose equipment of unparalleled quality and value. During this year’s exhibition, SECO/WARWICK will propose unique products and technologies such as:

  • VertiQuench® – drop bottom heat treatment furnaces & ageing systems
  • Vortex® Jet Heating – SECO/WARWICK Patented Technology that produces superior aluminum coil metallurgy while reducing cycle times up to 20-30%
  • Continuous homogenisation systems.

Moreover, SECO/WARWICK will present a new dimension of professional services for heat treatment equipment and processes. Learn about future applications for the state-of-the-art technologies in practice for example, the SECO/LENS application which uses holographic technology for conducting training, performing maintenance and services. Thus reducing costs, speeding the diagnostic process up and facilitating it as well as ensuring independence and mobility solutions!

SECO/WARWICK integrates complex aluminium processing technologies and supports the global aluminium industry with our efficient lines that ensure unique temperature homogeneity and unique charging technologies in order to handle the most demanding applications.

Meet us at booth G35 and see how SECO/WARWICK uses new technologies to provide you with highly efficient equipment against reasonable costs, which enable the customers to produce profitable products!

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