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VertiQuench – New brand name for Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat furnace


Aluminium Process Team annunces the new brand name for one of the top product


VertiQuench – very fast vertical quenching

SECO/WARWICK continues to enjoy another outstanding year with number of  great orders and latest technologies development.

The Aluminium Process Team is proud of their achievements. After numerous Drop-Bottom furnaces were commissioned and significant improvements were implemented, this equipment became a top product in our portfolio. In order to emphasize the product catchiness, we registered Drop-Bottom furnace under the new brand name: VertiQuench ®.

The name describes the process of very fast vertical quenching. The heat treated material is being dropped into the quenching tank placed exactly under the furnace. This is an affordable solution for demanding aerospace applications that provides:

  • AMS2770 compliant quench transfer times
  • extremely tight temperature uniformity resulting from proprietary and proven airflow innovations
  • fast and full load immersion even up to 5 seconds
  • compact design enabling line expansion
  • low utilities consumption.

Drop Bottom 1.1

SECO/WARWICK latest commissioning of VertiQuench ® furnace for the aerospace industry confirms utilities consumption reduction and significant improvement of furnace parameters.

We will keep on working with our R&D team for new advanced technologies.


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