Your browser does not support JavaScript! The Workhorse of heat treatment industry – CaseMaster Evolution

The Workhorse of heat treatment industry – CaseMaster Evolution®

The CaseMaster Evolution® is the preferred furnace of choice for vacuum heat treatment processes in the most challenging industries such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, transmission, and commercial heat treatment shops.

SECO/WARWICK‘s CaseMaster Evolution®  is the preferred vacuum furnace among manufacturers of parts for demanding applications because this technology ensures uniformity of results and outstanding part quality after heat treatment, high throughput and economical process performance with very low consumption of utilities.

This webinar may be interesting for you if:

  • You want to heat treat your parts and obtain high-quality results, without oxidation,
  • You are involved in mass-production heat treatment processes,
  • You are interested in vacuum heat treatment processes such as low-pressure carburizing, oil or high-pressure gas quenching, vacuum brazing,
  • You want to learn which type of vacuum furnace is used by top players from industries like aerospace, automotive, and commercial heat treating.

CaseMaster Evolution is gaining more and more recognition among the customers who have noticed the high potential of this solution and the numerous application possibilities. Be one of the satisfied users, win the market and gain top vacuum furnace technology.

Speaker: Grzegorz Głuchowski


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