Your browser does not support JavaScript! SECO/WARWICK signs contract with US producer for aluminum furnace

SECO/WARWICK signs a major contract to build and commission an aluminum furnace for a U.S manufacturer for automotive, aerospace and medical applications.


SECO/WARWICK wins the business by virtue of proven technologies and the experience that comes from a vast installed base of aluminum heat treatment furnaces.

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SECO/WARWICK Group’s subsidiary based in Meadville PA, has been awarded a major contract to build and commission a specialized aluminum solution heat treating furnace for a U.S. customer. The new furnace, which is AMS2750 compliant and Nadcap capable, will be engineered and manufactured in Pennsylvania.

Unique load handling system ensures excellent temperature uniformity and time to quench

Per AMS2750, both temperature uniformity and time to quench are critical factors necessary to achieve favorable and consistent material properties. The furnace is designed to maintain temperature uniformity of +/- 5° F. To achieve the critical “time to quench” sequence, SECO/WARWICK will include its unique load handling system, which will also reduce loading and unloading time between batches, improving efficiency and throughput. Because of the unique design of its rapid loading/unloading capability, it will achieve near-continuous product processing in what would otherwise be defined as a batch furnace.

The furnace will be used to heat treat products for use in automotive, aerospace and medical applications. The furnace is engineered to load, heat treat, quench and discharge with minimal operator assistance.

Excellent performance efficiency contributes to the customer’s bottom line

Many factors contribute to the excellent efficiency of SECO/WARWICK’s solution heat treating furnaces. Convection heating using high velocity air distributes heat evenly and reliably, producing close temperature uniformity. Time-tested insulation system enhances energy efficiency and has proven to be one of the most durable linings on the market. A variety of circulated airflow patterns adds further efficiencies to the SECO/WARWICK furnace design.

SECO/WARWICK delivers confidence to aluminum producers

SECO/WARWICK has been a global leader in aluminum heat treatment technologies for decades within the aerospace, automotive and other industries. Our systems are used for primary and secondary aluminum production as well as downstream processes for delivery of finished products. Our technologies include brazing, annealing, solution heat treating, aging, homogenization, preheating, and melting.

SECO/WARWICK Group’s global headquarters in Świebodzin Poland includes a fully integrated manufacturing plant and also supports regional manufacturing to meet localized production and service requirements in the United States and elsewhere.


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