Your browser does not support JavaScript! Active Only® from SECO/WARWICK for producers of aluminum coolers

Manufacturers of aluminum heat exchangers need the Active Only® furnace from SECO/WARWICK


The leading Chinese manufacturer of Aluminum Plate & Bar heat exchangers has ordered an Active Only furnace from SECO/WARWICK.

The partner has been listed (since 2014) on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“The New Third Board”), and its production capacity reaches over 200 thousand heat exchanges per year.

The Active Only line on order, manufactured by SECO/WARWICK, will increase this already high production capacity even more.

If you think modern mobility – think Active Only

The semi-continuous Active Only® system is composed of a dryer, nitrogen purging chamber, brazing furnace with convection heating, protective atmosphere cooling chamber and a final cooling chamber. It will be supplemented by an oxygen analysis system, a nitrogen distribution system, and a comprehensive control system. The contract also includes complete installation and commissioning of the system at the client’s plant.

The operating sequence of the Active Only® CAB furnace is divided into stages. These include loading, drying in the dryer, nitrogen purging in the purging chamber, heating and brazing in a proprietary convection chamber, pre-cooling in the cooling chamber with an air-jacket, and the final direct air cooling in the final cooling chamber.

The product is transferred between subsequent stages in a vertical position according to the freely adjustable cycle duration which depends on the type and configuration of the batch. Workload thermocouples monitor the process duration that in turn determines the transfer time. The analysis of the batch temperature enables the system to adjust the heating time for each particular heat exchanger. The furnace guarantees uniform heating of the workloads thanks to a patented convection muffle design. A semi-continuous operation ensures uniform heating of even over-dimensioned items, and ensures that the correct brazing process time will be satisfied.

Leader in the Chinese market

For several decades now, SECO/WARWICK has been a global leader in aluminum brazing technology as well as in many aluminum heat treatment solutions. Our solutions are used by heat exchanger manufacturers as well as by companies operating in the aviation, power engineering and automotive industries. SECO/WARWICK is a renowned brand among all aluminum-processing sectors. We owe our great success to our experience and huge abilities to adapt our products to the particular, individual needs of our customers. An Active Only® CAB semi-continuous furnace is popular as it enables lower nitrogen consumption, cost reduction and provides a unique control over atmosphere brazing”said Piotr Skarbiński, Vice-President, Business Segment Aluminum Process and CAB, SECO/WARWICK Group. “The fact that this partner has chosen us is no coincidence. We are very well known in China. We have delivered solutions to many companies in this region, and many of our contracts are the result of recommendations that we receive from Chinese customers” — P. Skarbiński added.

CAB with Active Only® system — increased capacity

Controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum (CAB) with the Active Only system is well-suited for the industrial production of heat exchangers. This solution is frequently selected by the HVAC industry and automotive parts manufacturers. The Active Only furnace enables the brazing process for various heat exchangers, making the device very versatile. In an extremely short time, the furnace can be heated from ambient temperature to brazing temperature and the right atmosphere can be achieved inside. This semi-continuous system allows for variable heating and cooling rates, depending on cycle and needs. Semi-continuous operation ensures uniformed heating of items, even the ones with the most non-standard dimensions.

Our Chinese partner has a portfolio comprising of many different products, including heat exchangers for various industries. Plate-type heat exchangers are commonly used in the cooling system of Industrial vehicles, power generators and windmills. Aluminum heat exchangers are used mostly by the automotive and power engineering industries. Fin and tube heat exchangers are used most commonly in automotive, HVAC and energy industries. The selected Active Only furnace will provide the highest flexibility at the suitable capacity in the semi-continuous mode of operation.



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Innovative vacuum purging semi-continuous Active Only® CAB enables manufacturers to control cost & improve quality

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