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SECO/WARWICK’s aluminum brazing vacuum furnace for the automotive industry


One of the leading partners in the automotive industry, an expert in the field of engines, filters, electric equipment and cooling systems, has placed an order for a vacuum furnace for aluminum brazing with SECO/WARWICK. It will be the largest device of this kind in Poland.

Aaluminum brazing vacuum furnace for the automotive industry

The VAB furnace on order is intended for vacuum brazing aluminum components. This device has one of the most innovative designs in Europe. Its unique design was based on detailed guidelines and the needs of the customer, which makes it a customized solution.

Tailor-made innovation

“We are always glad with dedicated solutions because they help us to grow, inspire and develop — both our company and our technologies. This project for sure was a challenge for the entire SECO/WARWICK team, as our partner’s assumptions in terms of the requirements for our furnace were really elevated. They were related to very complex and individual solutions in terms of automatic loading and transport of parts, along with a highly dynamic increase and precise control and uniformity of the temperature distribution” — said Maciej Korecki, Vice-President, Business Segment Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces, SECO/WARWICK.

What is characteristic of this solution is that it includes an extensive pumping system having an impressive capacity and delivering extremely high vacuum. The device is connected with a dedicated cooling station which significantly increases the performance of the system.

Vacuum brazing with SECO/WARWICK

SECO/WARWICK has vast expertise in delivering metal heat treatment equipment for the automotive industry. This sector most often uses CAB solutions, in which SECO/WARWICK is a leader. For special purposes, the automotive sector also opts for a vacuum solution.  The SECO/WARWICK Group has already delivered similar equipment to Asia and the Americas. Each new contract, in particular one for a complete production line, brings experience that makes it possible to develop the competitive advantage of our company and of our partners.

“The equipment ordered by our business partner, thanks to the comprehensive high vacuum system makes it possible to perform very efficient and clean brazing processes. It has been installed in a new production plant that will significantly improve the capacity of the entire group. A key to the success in this project was the huge trust displayed by our partner and close cooperation at the design stage” — M. Korecki summarized.





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