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SECO/BIKE team: “The cyclist racing season has officially launched!”


We were crossing our fingers, they were crossing the finish line!

SECO/BIKE team participation in the “Marathon of the Three Lakes of Nierzym”,  organized by the West League MTB in Nierzym, 80 km North from Świebodzin, has officially opened the 2018 cyclist racing season.

A few facts about the race:

Racing distance: “Mega” which was 48 km and consisted of 4 laps around the nearby lakes

Weather: veeeery nice 🙂

Terrain: well, sneaky at times

Unexpected events: fall and injury of two of SECO/BIKERS

SECO/BIKE team: Mateusz, Przemysław, Adrian, Dominik, Wojciech, Sebastian


A few words from SECO/BIKE cyclists:

At first, it seemed that the route would be very fast with a few technical sections (a section with roots and a steep descent). Beautiful sunny weather and rising temperature have changed the previously frozen route into muddy terrain. Having finished the warm-up, we knew that the race would be very hard because of the mud generating resistance even on flat sections on the route.

However, not everyone were to finish the race. As a result of the fall and injury, two members of SECO/BIKE team were unable to cross the finish line – bad luck caught them just before entering the last lap.

The first test for the SECO/BIKE team is already behind us. It showed that we did not sleep through the winter. In cycling jargon the very first competition is called ventilation of the lungs and, for sure, this ventilation will stay in our memory for a long time! Check the pictures, especially the ones taken at the finish line, our faces will tell you more than any words! 😉

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