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Tom’s current responsibilities includes being the Product Manager for Vacuum Furnaces at SECO/VACUUM Technologies, LLC.  He engages and supports SVT’s partners in their understanding of concepts, processes, equipment & infrastructure related to vacuum furnaces and their functions.  He has a Manufacturing Engineering degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and his thermal processing career is now in its 10th year.  He has vast knowledge regarding vacuum furnace heat treatment, including but not limited to, annealing, tempering, brazing, sintering, high pressure gas quenching, vacuum aluminum brazing, vacuum oil quench, low pressure carburizing, gas nitriding, CVD, custom engineered process technologies and related equipment sub-systems.  Tom is well versed with respect to the wide range of furnace configurations, load weights and sizes, in order to fully meet a customer’s technical parameters with options and auxiliary equipment.  His industry experience covers the aerospace, military, power generation, tool & die, medical, machine building, automotive and commercial heat treatment markets.  Prior to entering the thermal processing sector, his background is the manufacturing sector is quite robust.  His experience extends into the precision (tool and die) machining in small to large platforms, heavy fabrication, R&D glass laminations and cemented carbide industries.  Tom serves as an active member to ASM, AGMA MTI & IHEA groups and has published numerous white papers for these associations.

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