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Vacuum Induction Melting furnace

A vacuum casting system with a gas-enhanced crystallization method

Vacuum Induction Melting furnace for production of advanced DS/SC parts.

JetCaster® VIM DS/SC DGCC is used to produce high-quality precision turbine blades castings in the aviation and energy industry. The crystallization method is enhanced by injection of cooling gas which improves casting structure and reduces overall process time.


The innovative JetCaster technology opens up several new possibilities in the field of the monocrystalline casting of nickel and cobalt base superalloys. Years of work of our R&D engineers on the development of a new technology of monocrystalline castings have allowed us to create a device equipped with a casting cooling system with a supersonic argon stream.
The furnace is characterized by a modular structure and easy adaptation to various geometries of casting molds thanks to solutions such as automatic replacement of the thermal baffle, replaceable melt boxes adapted to different size batches, and the possibility of the easy configuration of the gas blowing system.

/ Metal casting under vacuum or in a controlled inert gas atmosphere
/ One touch vacuum system startup and shutdown
/ Industrial touchscreen operator interface with selectable languages
/ All electric and pneumatic actuators, no hydraulics
/ Horizontal and vertical feed systems for bulk feed, ingots, and/or liners
/ Teachable one or two-axis precision pouring systems with manual and automated profile pouring
/ Door mounted melt box for fast change-out and easy overhead access
/ Precision melt temperature measurement with combination Opto/TC calibration independent of crucible fill ratio
/ Single or multi-zone mold heaters
/ Closed loop DS/SC solidification control temperature and withdrawal position
/ Partial pressure control melting and inert gas mold cooling
/ Safe and environmentally friendly technology

/ Ability to achieve Directional Solidified and Single Crystal castings through Bridgman method or/and Developed Gas Cooling Crystallization method,
/ Obtaining fragmentation of the casting microstructure determined by the PDAS parameter, which significantly shortens the time of heat treatment of castings,
/ Specifically designed for aerospace, energy, defense industries,
/ The low percentage of casting defects, both macro and microstructural,
/ Significant shortening the monocrystalline casting process compared to the classic process due to the increased speeds of mold withdrawal,

The JetCaster furnace allows customers for: 

/ casting crystallization time reduction by 50%,  

/ increase in production efficiency by 82%,  

/ production energy consumption reduction by 40%,  

/ cooling water consumption reduction by 50%  

/ production of twice as many castings with a comparable level of energy demand.  

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