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Award “Statuetka Sukiennika Świebodzińskiego”

SECO/WARWICK received the “Statuetka Sukiennika Świebodzińskiego” award for economic and industrial merits. The winner’s statuette was awarded on 8 January 2022 during the festive New Year’s Concert. SECO/WARWICK President, Sławomir Woźniak, received this token of appreciation from the local community and administration in the name of the company.

SECO/WARWICK, as a global leader in metal heat treatment, has a significant impact on the social, cultural, scientific, and sports life of the local community of Świebodzin. It evolved from LZT Elterma, a large Polish industrial plant, which, since its foundation, also strongly influenced the social life of the local community, e.g., by opening the “Termo” Center for Culture, as well as by supporting local music bands.

A shared history, regular economic achievements, active participation in the city’s social life, and many other factors contributed to the decision of honoring SECO/WARWICK with the “Statuetka Sukiennika Świebodzińskiego” award.

“Statuetka Sukiennika Świebodzińskiego” award SECO/WARWICK

“Statuetka Sukiennika Świebodzińskiego” award SECO/WARWICK

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