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European Conference on Heat Treatment 2020

SECO/WARWICK experts will attend the European Conference of Heat Treatment online 2020 (ECHT 2020). This process engineers’ congress will be dedicated primarily to carburizing, which is one of SECO/WARWICK’s areas of expertise, and therefore the company will showcase its flagship products.

– Super IQ® is a hybrid system combining the features of conventional and vacuum furnaces. This innovative heat treatment- system, designed for carburizing processes under elevated temperatures and quenching, can strongly reduce the carburizing costs. Super IQ ensures higher temperature, quicker cycler and more efficient process.

CaseMaster Evolution – T (CMe-T), a three-chamber vacuum furnace delivers economic surface hardening using low-pressure carburizing (LPC) technology and high-pressure nitrogen quenching. The  CMe-T furnace can replace existing lines and generators used for mass heat-treatment under protective atmosphere and oil quenching, to ensure higher precision and more consistent process repeatability.

Pit LPC – Modern alternative for atmosphere furnaces – 21st century Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) for large case depths

During the third day of the conference, 02.12.20 at 12.30 a SECO/WARWICK’s specialist will lecture on „Single-piece flow carburizing with distortion control in vacuum system”.

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