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Prof., PhD. Eng. Lucjan Swadźba graduated AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, then he began to work at Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy, Silesian University of Technology. He completed 2-month and 6-month long internships in WSK Rzeszów (currently Pratt&Whitney). He was a manager of 35 scientific projects in the framework of: CPBP, CPBR, PC, PBZ. He was also a factual leader of Projekt Kluczowy, during which he coordinated tasks of 6 scientific units in Poland that were strictly associated with development of new technologies for aviation industry coatings. He supervised new technologies scientific researches such as: European COST-522, Newac and ESPOSA. As a result of executed projects, 8 aviation companies from Poland and abroad implemented 8 new solutions. Professor was also responsible for scientific studies commissioned by Pratt&Whitney USA and Pratt&Whitney Canada. For implementing the technology of heatproof and wear resistance coatings, he twice collected the Pratt&Whitey Canada ‘Pioneers of our Future’ award.
During 2014-2019 he managed two projects: first one associated with INNOLOT Program (in cooperation with Avio Aero (General Electric), Safran Francja, Pratt and Whitney Rzeszów), second one with National Safety and Defense Project for Airforce Institute of Technology and Military Aviation Works.
For years he was a head director at Division of Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment at Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy of the Silesian University of Technology. An author of over 200 publications in national and international journals, a creator of 15 patents, performed 80 lectures at national and international conferences in USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Belgium etc.
For his scientific research and activity he twice received the 1st and 2nd level Team Award from Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and 21 President’s Awards for Academic Merit. Awarded with the National Education Medal, Distinguished for the Silesian University of Technology, the STOP Badge, and the Polish Gold Medal – Distinguished for the Metallurgy Industry.

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