Your browser does not support JavaScript! Aerospace company orders three chamber vacuum carburizing furnace

Aerospace company orders three chamber vacuum carburizing furnace


SECO/WARWICK Corp. expects to have vacuum carburizing furnace in place by July 2013

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Meadville, Pennsylvania–SECO/WARWICK Corp. has received an order for a three-chamber CaseMaster Evolution® Vacuum Carburizing furnace with washers, tempers and a full data retrieval system. The contract was signed recently and SECO/WARWICK Corp. will provide the equipment for a worldwide aerospace manufacturer. SECO/WARWICK officials said they expect to have the equipment in place by July.

The CaseMaster Evolution®  vacuum T9 furnace is a three-chamber furnace with separate preheating, heating and oil quenching areas. This furnace design allows for significant increases in flexibility and productivity. The furnace will provide low pressure carburizing through the use of FineCarb®  technology and low-pressure carburizing with pre-nitriding with PreNitLPC®  technology.


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