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SECO/WARWICK significantly extends the productive life of precious metals supplier’s key piece of equipment


SECO/WARWICK comprehensively updated and simultaneously extended a box furnace’s productive longevity, which is a pivotal piece of manufacturing equipment for a leading international participant in the field of precious metals and advanced materials.

Metalor Box Furnace Rebuild Generic

The unit was originally manufactured and delivered by SECO/WARWICK in 1989 and thanks to routine maintenance specified by SECO/WARWICK, the furnace has operated reliability and productively for nearly 3 decades. It was used primarily for annealing in the manufacturing of precious metals and advanced materials.

The furnace is a key piece of equipment in their production process and they’ve been extremely happy with the reliability of this equipment. To keep their quality standards high, the customer scheduled this furnace to be rebuilt in 2018. SECO/WARWICK was the first company asked and was also the company selected to do the actual rebuild. The customer is hopeful the furnace will last another 3 decades with only minor maintenance after the current rebuild.

When the time came to do a major overhaul on the furnace, the customer’s team chose to come to SECO/WARWICK, who removed the furnace and executed a complete rebuild of the unit in their Meadville, Pennsylvania, facility.

“Rebuilds of this type are high on our priority list. Because of our team’s broad professional services capabilities, we’re able to provide good customers with the prompt, professional, and timely rebuild and upgrade services that meet their demanding schedule,” stated Keith Boeckenhauer, Managing Director at SECO/WARWICK USA.

The unit was gutted. New insulation, baffles, and door seals were installed as well as a significant upgrade to the control system including an ultra-modern HMI.

Unique heat treatment equipment modernizations save money.

SECO/WARWICK offers modernizations and comprehensive refurbishments of their own equipment as well as any solution or equipment for heat treatment of metals and metallurgical vacuum of another manufacturer. SECO/WARWICK also offers SECONOMY – a mix of economical and ecological solutions that enable waste heat recovery, reduction of heat loss up to 50%, natural gas consumption up to 40%, production costs savings up to 50% and optimization of work performance.



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