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Increase your competitiveness. Unique heat treatment equipment modernization saves money.


SECONOMY is a mix of an economical and ecological approach. This is a unique offer designed by SECO/WARWICK for those who believe that both ideas can be combined.

Your energy costs can be reduced up to 50%*

How you can benefit from SECONOMY!

Waste heat recovery from heat treating processes for heating buildings and/or hot tap water.
Reduction of heat loss up to 50%* by replacing the insulation using the latest insulation materials.
Reduction of natural gas consumption up to 40%* after the modernization of the heating system (replacing or supplementing the existing combustion system with optional recuperation).
Production cost savings up to 50%* by changing the fuel for heating from liquid or electric to gas.
Optimization of work performance by upgrading the control systems, which allows you to control motors in start-up and load matching to the current needs.


* All values are approximate and do not constitute an offer. The actual reduction possibilities are calculated for each piece of equipment individually and may differ from those listed.

Economy and ecology at once with Seconomy from Seco/Warwick

SECONOMY is not a marketing trick. It is a competitive strategy.

The changes became a reality. There is no economic development without ecological thinking. At SECO/WARWICK, we were the first to adapt these new rules in both production and design. Experience shows that market pressures demand this type of offer – now we want to share this experience with you. In business, one should think in the long-term and act reasonably. We offer an evolution, not a revolution. Due to our knowledge, skills and experience, we can improve your equipment performance in terms of productivity, energy efficiency and cost savings.

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