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Corporate Social Responsibility according to SECO/WARWICK


2020 was a particularly challenging year. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected many industries, companies and families. This difficult situation led to neglecting, forgetting or abandoning multiple social initiatives. Still, as one of the five largest global companies manufacturing metal heat treatment furnaces, SECO/WARWICK has not forgotten about corporate social responsibility activities.

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Social responsibility is a vital part of the business activity of SECO/WARWICK. The company is a family company. Not only because its owners still work there and their families are involved, but because for 30 years, we continue to employ subsequent generations of our employees. That is why family is the value on which our corporate social responsibility is based. SECO/WARWICK focuses on supporting the local community, the environment and safety. What social responsibility means for SECO/WARWICK, first and foremost, is acting for the benefit of its immediate environment.

“Despite a difficult global economic situation, we did not forget about our social engagement. We have global operations, but our support is local. Our hearts beat where we come from and that is why we act locally”, said Sławomir Woźniak, CEO SECO/WARWICK Group.

2020 – a year where solidarity prevailed

Solidarity and cooperation, hidden under the corporate PARTNERSHIP value, are inscribed in  SECO/WARWICK’s DNA. This experience of huge uncertainty and questions about the future have been common in the passing year. SECO/WARWICK believes many positive changes, both business-wise and social-wise will originate from this extreme situation. Many examples of social solidarity which we can observe are the proof that more sustainable companies will emerge from this moment. This is clearly the era of responsible business.

“In 2020 we actively supported the hospital in Świebodzin which (similarly to other hospitals) faced the challenge of responding to the pandemic. We are glad we were able to help by purchasing the much-needed personal protective equipment and a patient monitor. This was SECO/WARWICK’s contribution towards developing the health of the local community. We are also proud of the social engagement of our employees. They actively contributed to the popular campaign, the #GaszynChallenge, to which we were invited by our partner. The Push-up Challenge, in which the Management Board was also involved, was a fun and generous  way to make a significant contribution to save little Kajetan. The campaign combined safety and community — the two CSR values of the companies, and beautifully united us, the employees,” summarized Katarzyna Sawka, VP Marketing, SECO/WARWICK Group.

The power of SECO/WARWICK has many names

In addition to social engagement, in 2020 we focused on pro-environmental activities. For the local community, we funded and built three SECO/HEARTS, a program to install metal containers for plastic screw caps. The initiative combines the idea of developing environmental sensitivity and awareness with the natural human desire to help those in need.

Collecting screw caps in the SECO/HEART is the flagship social campaign of the Świebodzin-based company. It not only helps to protect the natural environment, but the revenue is used to fund many various social initiatives. A ton of screw caps is worth as much as PLN 1000. This amount can cover as many as ten rehabilitation activities for the youngest in our community. By collecting screw caps, all of us show solidarity with those in need.

At this point, we should add that heavy industry is frequently associated with the threat to the natural environment. Yet, SECO/WARWICK strives to actively protect the environment. Not only through waste sorting, but also by involving their partners in the SECO/ECO idea.

“This year, we sponsored one of the largest international pro-environmental organizations with $1 on every sold ticket to our on-line event. This enabled us to help with the involvement of our customers, partners and other stakeholders. SECO is ECO,” concludes K. Sawka.

This year, for the first time ever, the Global Risks Report 2020 prepared for the World Economic Forum in Davos considered the environment protection issues to be the greatest potential threat to the world. The issues of environment protection were indicated by 750 global decision-makers as the key considerations to preserve global safety and order. The increase in social awareness of the progressing climate changes are also visible in Poland. We are facing the breaking point, and only socially responsible business can limit the impact of these changes.



SECO/WARWICK: a Heart in the Right Place

SECO/WARWICK: a Heart in the Right Place

SECO/WARWICK has entered into the cooperation with another High School

SECO/WARWICK has entered into the cooperation with another High School

They ran and won – with the weather, themselves, but mostly for Marcin Galant!

They ran and won – with the weather, themselves, but mostly for Marcin Galant!


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